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rPET Lid Φ150mm for Salad Bowl 500, 750 & 1000ml

Φ150mm | 300 pieces
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Product Details

Qty per box: 300 pieces

Material: rPET

Size: Φ150mm

rPET salad bowl lids are made from recycled PET and fully recyclable after use, which reduces the amount of newly produced PET and therefore protects the environment. They are highly transparent and perfect for an appealing presentation and fresh storage of both cold and warm dishes. rPET salad bowl lids seal very well to the tops of our sustainable Kraft salad bowls and thus offers a safe transportation of food takeaway and delivery.

Φ150mm Lid fits 500ml, 750ml and 1000ml Kraft salad bowls.

Φ185mm Lid fits 900ml, 1100ml and 1300ml Kraft salad bowls.

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