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BIO Kraft/PLA Lid Φ185mm for Salad Bowl 900, 1100 & 1300ml

Φ185mm | 300 pieces
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Product Details

Qty per box: 300 pieces

Material: Cardboard/PLA

Size: Φ185mm

The luxurious BIO Kraft Salad Bowl lids are made from brown unbleached natural paper material and lined with PLA, a 100% plant-based renewable material. They are fully sustainable, biodegradable and compostable, making it easy to reduce the impact on the environment. BIO Kraft Salad Bowl lids are strong, durable, sturdy, greaseproof and leakproof. Each lid has two venting holes that allow steam to vent from the container without building pressure. They are perfect for serving both cold and hot dishes such as pastas, noodles and fruits as takeaway for cafe, restaurant or catering business. BIO Kraft salad bowl lids seal very well to the tops of our sustainable BIO Kraft salad bowls and thus offers a safe transportation of food takeaway and delivery.

Φ150mm Lid fits 500ml, 750ml and 1000ml BIO Kraft salad bowls.

Φ185mm Lid fits 900ml, 1100ml and 1300ml BIO Kraft salad bowls.

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